What is the World Economic Forum?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-governmental organisation that brings together political & business leaders, investors, economists, journalists and celebrities to examine and shape global issues through annual meetings in various countries.

Founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum is perhaps best known for its annual meeting that takes place in the Swiss alpine town of Davos in the middle of January. During this week-long event, around 3000 members travel from across the globe to discuss issues on how to improve the state of the world.

WEF 2024 – What are the Themes?

Scheduled to take place between the 15th and 19th of January 2024, the next edition of the WEF will revolve around two themes: the ongoing international ‘polycrisis’ and how the introduction and rapidly-progressing augmented reality sector will transform the labour market. 

The term ‘Polycrisis’, first conceived by the historian Adam Tooze, suggests that the overall impact of the current simultaneous global challenges – the Covid-19 crisis, the Ukraine war, the increase in the cost of living & energy costs – ‘far exceeds the sum of each part

First Class Limousines – Our role during the WEF

For the last 19 years, First has provided high-end chauffeured limousine services in & around Switzerland for its demanding clientele that includes CEOs of industry, diplomats and celebrities, to name a few. Our experienced dispatch team & pool of drivers can assist you with any transportation needs you may have during the World Economic Forum. 

What we can provide during the WEF:
  • Simple transfers from Zurich or Geneva Airport to 
  • Full-day limousine service in Davos 
  • Disposal services over the entirety of the event
  • Multiple vehicles of different categories (S-Class and V-Class Mercedes) 
  • Services for embassies & diplomatic missions
  • VIP Meet & Greet Assistance at Geneva & Zurich Airport
  • Helicopter flights from Zurich Airport to Davos
  • Itinerary feasibility checks

Organising travel to Davos during this event is complicated at the best of times.

The town is unsurprisingly transformed to a military town, with many security checks, road blocks & roads that are completely shut. Furthermore, many places are inaccessible unless you have the corresponding access badges.

The adverse weather conditions also present a challenge as snow – and sometimes blizzards – is almost always on the agenda and the temperature generally hovers around -10 degrees Celsius. This means roads & pavements are slippery and road accidents are unfortunately common.

The extreme congestion linked to the town tripling in size also presents its own problems, from longer travel times to a scarcity of resources that cannot cope with the increased demand. Think a lack of restaurant & accommodation availability, to name a few.

Our expertise:
  • Onsite team to organise & coordinate logistical services
  • Partnered with a multitude of services onsite (restaurants, VIP services, helicopter services, access badges, accommodation) 
  • Accomplished & experienced English-speaking drivers
  • Fully-equipped vehicles that are adapted to Davos (shoe grips, snow tyres, blankets) 

Do you require a quotation, or simply have a question? Contact us by email at info@firstclasslimousine.ch or call us on our 24/7 hotline at +41 21 648 20 80 and a member of our office team will be happy to assist you.